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Advance Camp Oregon Launches! July 2021

Prayers Have Been Answered!

July was our first month of dual camps - we held camp both in Texas and Oregon this month!


PROVERBS 20:27 27 The human spirit is like the lamp of the Lord, searching all his innermost parts. Just as the Holy Spirit searches us, we use diagnostic tools to search the innermost workings of a car to repair what is broken.

Campers Learned All About The Vehicle

We taught the campers about vehicle inspection through working on an inspection sheet. They worked their way around the vehicle from body panels, lights, oil and transmission fluid, and even the undercarriage.

Oil Change Team Work

All the campers chipped in to learn how to do an oil change, oil filter change, and air filter change.

Auto Detailing

Our campers practiced on two vehicles. They learned washing, clay bar, and wax. They learned the right process and procedure for a proper wash job to not contaminate the water and risk scratches on the paint.

Special Visitors

We had a 2003 WRX, 1936 Rolls Royce, 2021 Audi RS6, 1972 Chevelle, and an Audi B5 S4 come visit camp. The young men loved looking at all the diversity in power train, body styles, and designs throughout the years.

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