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Mentors are a pivotal part of Advance Camp.
Being a mentor is a commitment we take seriously.
Requirements to Mentor with Advance Camp​
  • Time Commitment: We expect the following from our Mentors: ​

    • Attend monthly camps where they are 100% engaged with campers that are there

    • Attend monthly mentor meetings

  • Character Commitment: We want all of our Campers to know the love of God, and leave encouraged and built up every time they come to camp. We want our mentors to be a positive role model to our Campers, not just a buddy to hang out with.

  • Church Commitment: All of our mentors must be actively growing in their love and walk with the Lord in a local church community.

If in good faith you meet the criteria above, then your next steps are as follows:

Apply to become a Mentor
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