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Board of Directors

We have an incredible, dynamic, and solid board of directors. Meet them here!  
Chad Wallen

Chad is a loving husband and dad to his three girls. He helped start Advance Camp in Oregon because he has such a huge heart for the fatherless. His leadership skills and his ability to bring men together is what makes him an incredible director of Advance Camp Texas. 

Jo Wold

Jo has a heart of gold that loves the forgotten and serves those in need intentionally.  Not only is she a smart and driven business woman, she is involved in ministries in her community. Her calm and loving presence can reach those that many can’t.

Justin Lenhardt

Justin is a husband and dad of two girls.  He has a passion to serve the fatherless through education and mentoring.  He has a gentle spirit about him but knows how to apply structure and boundaries where they may not have been before. 

Texas Team

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